HPE Operations Bridge and AppPulse

Dates: 08/Mar/2016 Dates: 08/03/2016 Planning: 17:00 - 18:00 Lieu: Webinar

Integrate User Experience into Your IT Operations Dashboards with Operations Bridge and AppPulse

Today’s IT environment is one of complexity – applications need to change rapidly to keep up with rising user expectations. There’s a multitude of devices, operating systems and app versions for IT to keep up with. And when something goes wrong?

The worst way to monitor performance and stability is to wait for users to complain – by then they will abandon your app.

Recent surveys find that 61% of App & Ops teams lack APM solutions featuring user experience dashboards – they lack the end-to-end visibility from the user action, to the network, to the line of code.

IT operations require a central view into their applications and infrastructure to be able to react fast to app performance and stability issues. HPE Operations Bridge brings everything together in a single-pane-of-glass to consolidate events and data from multiple disparate sources. But do the events feeds of your Operations Dashboard give you a good sense for how users are experiencing your apps and services?

During this Webinar, you’ll learn from user experience and performance monitoring experts how IT Ops can maintain a single-pane-of-glass for all applications within the organization whether Web, Mobile, desktop or SaaS apps. By integrating HPE AppPulse with HPE Operations Bridge, IT Ops can collaborate with apps teams to act quickly to resolve business critical events, and improve user experience.

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